2018 SCI HUNTERS CONVENTION - Las Vegas, Nv - Booth 2992

Kathleen and Aynsley’s research dove deep into creating heirloom quality gun cabinetry that was elegantly designed and secure, while still beautifully showcasing these pristine firearms. They sought inspiration through a range of furniture resources, searching for a manufacturer that could fabricate their designs and curate the work in the quality they envisioned.
Kathleen and Aynsley spent extensive time searching for the right manufacturer, personally visiting many factories in the U.S and abroad and assessing the skill set of 13 teams before partner- ing with a world-renowned manufacturer that is second to none.

Appealing to both men’s and women’s design aesthetics, the luxury gun furniture collection includes elegant styles for a variety of interiors. The beauty is enhanced by an impeccable attention to detail, including unique hardware and trim, hand tooled leather accents and rare woods with unique finishes and finely carved features.

Marksman’s exclusive, branded hardware showcases the exceptional skill and attention to detail that the team of furniture makers exudes. From turquoise and silver details reminiscent of Native American jewelry to luxurious leather chairs depicting the Big Five trophies, each piece of the Marksman collection has its own unique personality, complimenting home aesthetics of any kind. Each piece is equipped with the latest technologies, including hidden storage compartments and false bottoms, tempered glass curio style lids and locking mechanisms on every gun storage area, to ensure the firearms are securely stored.

Kathleen and Aynsley Kenworthy have developed a prominent line of gun cabinets that are unrivaled in quality.

“We created a luxury line of gun cabinetry because we saw a need, recognizing a solution for not only our client’s needs, but for the growing population of proud American and international gun owners,” states Kathleen. Refined design, thoughtful functionality and extraordinary craftsmanship are what make Marksman Furnishings’ line of furniture exceptional. This authentic collection brings to life heirloom quality gun cabinetry, preserving a legacy for generations to come.

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